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Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock

Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock
Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock
Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock
Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock

Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock
Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Either for the exhausting daily life or for outdoor activities under extreme conditions, with your MUDMASTER you will be prepared to face any situation. This series of watches was conceived to withstand the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the TRIPLE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY with digital compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer, you will reach the goal even when challenges seem insurmountable. MUDMASTER - The perfect symbiosis between resistance and technical subtlety. CASIO Launches G-Shock MUDMASTER with Carbon Protective Frame. New structure with carbon materials that provides absolute resistance and is equipped with Quadruple Sensor for ground missions in harsh environments. CASIO introduces the latest addition to the MUDMASTER series of impact resistant watches, G-Shock.

The MUDMASTER series is designed for harsh ground environments, and the new GG-B100 model features an all-new carbon structure using carbon fiber reinforced sheet materials. The MUDMASTER is part of the Master Of G series designed for use in the most extreme conditions, with a dust and mud resistant structure that can withstand rough earth environments. The newly developed structure employs lightweight and strong carbon fiber reinforced materials. This new structure is resistant to dust and mud since it uses a filter inserted between the case and the buttons to prevent the entry of dirt, which guarantees a good seal without using metal button tubes. The GG-B100 is equipped with features that enable ground missions by linking sensors to an app.

The watch has a quad sensor: all four detect orientation using a compass, measure atmospheric pressure and altitude, and measure temperature, as well as step counting using an accelerometer. In addition to tracking changes in the natural environment, the watch can be linked with the app to easily capture activity history details such as calculating calories burned from ascent / descent based on altitude and step count data. The watch automatically adjusts the time through pairing with a smartphone, and a mission log feature automatically detects the track based on altitude and the smartphone's GPS data.

A location indicator feature displays the compass bearing heading and distance to a user-designated destination. With its new structure and advanced features, the GG-B100 is a G-Shock ready to withstand the toughest missions in harsh conditions.

The new Carbon Core (composite / carbon fiber cases, and hardened resin rear) are used in this new Quad Sensor from G-Shock , the GG-B100. The GG-B100 incorporates an accelerometer, which will serve as a pedometer ("step counter"), something very interesting for what this watch is designed: to go "through the mountains". The "B" in its name indicates Bluetooth, and with this technology we can automatically store routes using the Mission Log function, whose data includes altitude and also GPS data, if we work with your app.

In this sense, another interesting function is the location indication that allows, using the compass, to know the distance of the destination and the direction. Its module also has a customization function, which will allow us to present the data that we need or prefer the most. And delving into this module, it offers a 24-hour chronograph and timer, five alarms with time signal, and sunset and sunrise data. Regarding its sensors, it is a digital compass with thermometer, barometer, altimeter - with relative altitude reading - and the aforementioned "step counter", very useful when we want to save battery by leaving aside the Bluetooth connections. Carbon frame and impact resistant buttons.

CASIO has developed a new impact resistant structure with a composite carbon case to protect the module. The new case also facilitated the development of a new structure for the buttons, which no longer requires outer protectors. A filter is inserted between the case and the buttons to prevent dirt intrusion, ensuring its sealing without using conventional metal tubes.

The case back features a double-layer construction using stainless steel for an airtight seal and impact resistant resin. The design is inspired by portable tanks carried by off-road vehicles that travel rough roads. The bezel has been reinforced with a three-layer structure of carbon fiber sheet embedded in the fine resin. The top thin resin layer is transparent to show the carbon composite material. Quad sensor to easily track changes in the natural environment and understand activity history.

The watch is equipped with a quad sensor to obtain the orientation thanks to the compass, the barometric pressure / altitude, the temperature and the step count by means of an accelerometer. Calories burned are calculated from ascent / descent data based on altitude and step count, and activity history can be activated in the dedicated app. Automatically record a track in the application thanks to the function of the altitude data of the watch and the GPS data of the smartphone. Manual operation also allows the user to acquire an altitude point and plot it on a map. Displays the compass bearing direction and distance to a user-assigned destination.

The compass heading is indicated by the second hand and the distance indicated on the LCD screen. The user can customize the functions to display when the mode button is pressed, to display essential functions, or to change the order in which they are found.

The watch connects with the smartphone wirelessly, via Bluetooth®, thus providing access to many useful functions. Simply turn your wrist slightly to illuminate the watch face with an LED. The casing of this watch is completely watertight: dirt and dust cannot enter. The housing is shock resistant and protects against impacts and vibrations. The hands and / or index are covered by a fluorescent layer and, if the watch has been previously exposed to a light source, they glow in the dark.

The built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north. A pressure sensor detects changes in atmospheric pressure and transforms this data into altitude indications of up to 10,000 m. Up to 40 height data sets can be stored in the watch's memory (depending on the model) for reference at any time. Each of the saved data sets consists of a height measurement in combination with a date and time. Furthermore, together with the height data, the maximum and minimum heights are also saved during the measurement. With the sum of heights, you can add up all the meters that you have ascended. This feature allows you to see at a glance the total height difference that you have overcome during a ride. Barometer (260 / 1,100 hPa). A special sensor measures atmospheric pressure (measuring range: 260 / 1,100 hPa) and displays it via a symbol on the screen. This allows detection of weather trends early. Thermometer (-10 ° C / +60 ° C). The watch has a sensor that measures the ambient temperature and displays it in degrees Celsius (-10 ° C / + 60 ° C). The watch has a 3-axis step counter. The accumulated number of steps is indicated on the digital display. After entering the geographical position, the sunrise and sunset times can be displayed for any date.

The location indicator indicates the direction and distance of a previously stored location. This feature can be very useful if you got lost and want to go back to a cabin, a lake, or a car. After activating the track log function, the route and altitude profiles are stored in the smartphone and can be viewed on a map. In addition, they are automatically stored in a trace log.

The world time function shows the current time in up to 29 different time zones. Accurate measurement of elapsed time with the touch of a button. The fraction indicates the unit of measurement, while the time figures indicate the maximum measurements of time.

Timers - 1/1 minute - 24 hours. For all those who demand precision: the countdown timers are very useful when remembering special or periodic events, since they emit an acoustic signal at the programmed time. They can be configured by the minute or up to 24 hours in advance. Especially handy for daily medication or interval training. The daily alarm will remind you of the appointments that are repeated daily by an acoustic signal that sounds at the set time.

This model is equipped with 5 independent alarms that remind you of your important appointments. Button sound on / off. If desired, the button sound can be turned off with the Mode button. Once deactivated, the watch will stop beeping when switching from one function to another. Set alarms or countdown timer remain active after button sound is turned off.

By pressing the button, the hands go into motion allowing a cleaner visibility in the chronometer and / or date functions. Have you lost your smartphone? At the push of a button on the watch, the smartphone will sound an alarm.

Once set, the automatic calendar always shows the correct date. Hours are displayed in either 12 or 24 hour format. The hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch from external damage.

Given its extreme durability, resin is the ideal material for watches. In combination with carbon, another particularly resistant material, we have designed a shell that is less vulnerable to external influences and with a better load capacity, which translates into a much longer life. The strap contains synthetic resin, an ideal material for this component given its extreme strength and flexibility. A symbol tells you when it is time to change the batteries. 2 years - 1 battery.

The battery supplies the watch with the necessary energy for approx. Water resistance classification (20 bar). Perfect for free diving without equipment: the watch is water resistant to 20 bar (ISO 22810). Dimensions (W x H x D).

55.4 x 52.9 x 19.3 mm. The item "Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock" is in sale since Thursday, September 12, 2019. This item is in the category "Jewellery & Watches\Watches, Parts & Accessories\Watches\Wristwatches". The seller is "2012kingofpop" and is located in Madrid. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • EAN: 4549526235504
  • Brand: Casio
  • Number of reference: GG-B100-1AER
  • Department: Man
  • Model: G-Shock Mudmaster
  • Type: Wristwatch

Casio GG-B100-1AER GG-B100-1Ajf GG-B100-1A GG-B100-1Adr GG-B100-1Acr G-Shock